Ignite your Ageless Gen to connect with the infinite you in archetypal forces

Who do we believe that we are not?

Is our self image defined by

  • our human experience

  • our sex

  • our tribe

  • our history

  • our story

  • our social demographic ID

Or is there much more we need to seek to discover about our self image to delve into our true real potential of Self? As Tony Robbins says: “people always act in alignment with their identity”, it is an often overlooked hidden factor in how people keep on repeating the same failures, mistakes and patterns. Often our identity are like the hidden masks we wear that reveal who we really are. We keep on holding onto certain masks because our experience is coloured by the repetitive patterns of thoughts and feeling states we keep on experiencing in our lives. When however we embark on any path of growth, we will sooner or later discover how the chains of the past are embedded in our most cherished aspects of  ‘self’ we find hard to let go of.

But what if thoughts are just perceptions that are more often based on our limited world view than a comprehensive understanding of the truth of a situation, event or person?

Does any of us really know what filters we view the world and ‘others’ with?
It took me a long time to discover the beauty and richness of archetypes.

The archetypes are universal patterns that we recognise in the psyche of the world, reflected back to us in ancient myths, fairytales, folklore and lately movies and sitcoms.

If we reflect upon our lives, we often also find the archetypes in our lives active in our relationships.

The beauty of the archetypes is that it gives us a playful framework to evolve from one immature archetype we have identified our selves with to flirt with other more unknown archetypes.


The beauty of ageing and growing old is the maturation process we must undergo to find the lessons that have defined us. Despite our best efforts, we can not avoid these lessons that life will throw at us.

The only way to stand in life is to accept all these challenges and difficulties as a blessing in disguise our Self has accepted for our own good.

And that is how we rise from:

  • victim to victor

  • wounded healer to compassionate role model

  • loser’s mindset to winners mindset



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