Lumi Spa, two minutes twice a day to reveal your best skin

The Lumispa is one of my must have Ageless Gen beauty essentials.

When the Lumispa launched I was not sure what to expect. I had wrinkle free skin due to my years of using Ageloc anti ageing skin care on a daily basis. So what could improve in my skin? After 7 days I found out what the Lumispa used twice daily for only two minutes did to my skin.


Needless to say that I was flabbergasted by the way my dark under eye circles were affected by the Lumispa. I was overjoyed. In the below picture you can see the difference between a younger picture of me in 2015 and a picture of begin 2018 when I just started using the Lumispa.


In my own humble opinion I have seen so many amazing results of many people with so many different skin types that I completely understand the many awards this life saving gadget has already won and likely will keep on winning.


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