Mastering your destiny regardless of your biological age, Gary V’s take on this

Your destiny only ever happens in the eternal now

I was one of those people that would and still often be stuck in the past or in the future. Many thoughts and concerns would be plaguing me and keep me from being present in the now.

Looking back at my age of 47 going to 48 in just about under two months time, I realised there were very rare moments in my life I escaped the prison of time in my own mind.

How do we know we are in the prison of time in our own mind?

  • We are getting carried away by time as a limiting factor such as in stress or overwhelm

  • We are not allocating enough time to getting ourselves in those activities that make time stop

  • We live each day according to a strict sense of how things should and ought to be

  • We never have enough ‘chill out’ or ‘play’ or ‘me’ time

  • Our lives and days are filled with a to do list that are not negotiable which fills us with dread

  • There is never time to follow our dreams or create the lives we really want

  • We are waiting for X,Y, Z to happen before we can give ourselves permission to live the life we would jump out of bed for


The above mentioned list however can be seen as excuses or valid reasons for choosing a life you don’t really choose.

Whatever the reason may be, I found that from those I observe as go-getter and go-giver Ageless Gen members some characteristics were prominent

  • Age is never a thought that limits them

  • Time is something they allocate to the activities that make time stop for them

  • They don’t use age or the prison of time in our mind determine whether something they want to experience as a limiting factor

Whether they are in elementary school and want to start up fundraising for charity or they are in their 70’s and want to start a new business, they are firmly rooted in the eternal present moment.

They don’t listen to the dictates of the mind about not enough time or being too old or too young, they just seize each moment in an intimate meeting of truth and purpose with their soul.

They baffle those stuck in their prison of time with the effortless ease with which they embark on new ventures and take risks that the faint hearted would avoid.



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