We are all born Ageless and Infinite

Age is nothing but a number until you start looking, feeling and acting ‘your age’.

I never cared about ageing or my age until I started noticing something.
My age apparently created certain social expectations about

  • How I should behave

  • What  I should have achieved by now (now that I am this age)

  • What I should no longer be doing according to social norms

  • How others treated those rare individuals that defied social norms for their generation group

  • The hidden paradigms about what ‘normal’ is for certain age groups


Never ever ever stop playing, Ready Player One!

Remember when you were young and we could play or were encouraged to use our imagination.

At some point however this drastically changed.

We had to become s.e.r.i.o.u.s. about

  • Who we are

  • What we wanted

  • What was realistic

  • What we were planning and working hard for to achieve

In short we stopped playing and started working as if our happiness depended on it.


The price of not playing and being old and acting your age

However, as I progressed my studies into human potential I learnt about the price we pay when we don’t engage

  • creativity

  • imagination

  • playfulness or a gaming mentality

  • passion or excitement

    to what we do with our 40 hour or more workweek.


Growing older and wiser yet still feeling young at heart and free spirited


I committed to investigating the topic of a new age group: the ageless generation group.

What if I could contribute to the meme of the Ageless Generation?
If our genes determined we would grow old and not able to defy the hands of time, could

  • Our mindset

  • Our lifestyle

  • Our identity or self image

  • Social perceptions about us (media or a new meme)

    affect our experience of ageing and our biological age?


What if you are already part of this new Ageless Generation?

How would you determine you were living the life as a member of the Ageless Generation?

Reading my facebook memories I realised that despite many years having passed since I joined 2007 I was still in major parts of my mindset and outlook the same as a decade ago.

If you review your lifeline and the last years, do you see how certain events or choices in your life have perhaps made you act a certain age?

Whether this is

  • a new job or career

  • a new commitment

  • changes in your family or home life

  • a sudden shift in life style or paradigm shift

Did these changes make you make different choices than you secretly wished or hoped for?

Has it benefitted the quality of your life, the enjoyment of your commitments and obligations, the expansion of your being and those you serve?

I hope that these questions have helped you understand how you can enquire into your own life whether you allowed age and social prejudice determine what was possible or impossible for you?

I invite you to decide whether age will work for you or against you. For the members of the Ageless Generation, they ignite the Ageless Gen in their being. And when that happens, they become the Present in the Eternal Now.




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